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Hire Cellist For Wedding Malaysia

Hosting a party or an event is always a challenge. You need to meet and manage the expectations of the guests, including in the entertainment department. This is why you need to provide them with performances that would capture their attention but still appropriate for the event. If you have an upcoming event, better hire a cellist to complete your wedding live band!

WB Entertainment is your trusted entertainment company in Malaysia that connects clients and event organisers with talented performers. Our mission is to ensure that our clients are provided with the best talents that would make their event standout. Book our cellist hire talents or our whole live band today!


Best Cello Player For Hire

The cello is considered a string instrument and often being played in music halls, symphony orchestras, or recitals. It can be played with a whole orchestra or by a talented cellist for hire performers. This instrument looks intimidating due to its size and appearance, but in the hands of a skilled cellist wedding hire performer, it can provide a great accompaniment and melody for the occasion.

WB Entertainment’s roster of cellist wedding hire talents are well-known performers who can hold their own on stage. They are trained to provide effortless entertainment, but also share their passion for playing on stage. Whatever the occasion is, our cello player for hire talents can play melodious tunes and solemn accompaniment when needed.

How Much to Hire a Cellist For a Wedding

For weddings, it is important to set the romantic vibe, especially during the ceremony. A cello player for wedding would be a good choice. Although this instrument produces deep, dark sounds, it can be a perfect accompaniment for wedding entourage. When paired with other instruments like violin, they can create a harmonious tune that would give depth and profoundness to the accompaniment.

The rates of a cellist for wedding varies in terms of skills and experience. Our lineup of event performers are always ready to take on the stage and deliver stunning performance that would wow the crowd. Our talents’ rates are competitive and reasonable based on their skill level. We can also connect you with other artists like pianists, violinists, keyboardists, saxophonists, trumpeters, vocalists, drummers, bassists, and more. 

Hire a Cellist For a Wedding

Looking for a cellist wedding hire artists? Browse our site today to know more about our event performer roster or send us a message via our online contact form to get a FREE QUOTE on our artists’ rates.



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