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Professional Trumpeter Hire Malaysia

Getting that jazzy old school vibe is a challenge. Apart from the event venue design, you need to make sure that the even the sound feels cool and laid back. Achieve the jazz vibe by getting the right professional trumpeter hire Malaysia talent from WB Entertainment

We are a leading name in event entertainment in Malaysia that specialises in connecting great performers to clients and event organisers. Our aim is to help our clients stage the perfect event by providing them with great talents that would turn their simple celebration into a one-of-a-kind event. We provide entertainment services for various events like weddings, get-togethers, parties, corporate events, and more!


Best Trumpet Player For Hire

As a brass instrument, the trumpet is usually part of the jazz and classical ensembles. They are usually part of the lead melody or they counter the tune of the violin. On its own, a trumpet can provide a good accompaniment in the hands of a talented trumpet player for hire. The buzzing sound can give any performance an interesting flavor. 

Our trumpet players have the skills and experience to give you a stage that would enhance the feel of your event. They’ve been playing with a band and also performed solo in some instances. They are known to deliver exceptional stages and acts that leave a mark in their audience. And they don’t just play the music, they ensure that the audience are engage and enjoying the moment.

How to Hire a Trumpeter For a Wedding

Weddings are mixture of romance and happy vibe. When its time to entertain the crowd, the entertainment must be all out! Our wedding live band will definitely start the party and keep it going for you and your guests. Our live band artists know how to get the crowd’s attention through our electrifying and fun performance.

And we have a roster of performers that can complete your event entertainment repertoire. We have on our list the best instrumentalists that are skilled in their respective musical field – from trumpeters, saxophonists, violinists, bassists, keyboardists, pianists, cellists, drummers, DJs, vocalists, event emcees, and more!

Get the best in event entertainment!

Have an upcoming event? Browse our site to see the list of our event performers or book our artists by completing our website contact form. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you on your upcoming celebrations.



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